Our mission statement

VECA Melbourne edifies the body of Christ by helping its members to grow deep in their understanding of the Words of God and their relationship with the Lord, in order to be effective in witnessing for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many non believers both in Australia and overseas.

Our vision

VECA Melbourne as a local Church that is part of the Vietnamese Evangelical Church in Australia, has its vision as follows:

  1. VECA Melbourne will strive for the development to a church with total membership of 500 members of all ages.
  1. VECA Melbourne will have a second service in English for younger generation and for the adults who wish to attend a service that is conducted in English.
  1. VECA Melbourne supports the Vietnamese Theological Centre in Australia, to train Church leaders and lay leaders for the Vietnamese Churches in Australia.
  1. VECA Melbourne supports the mission works among the Vietnamese in Vietnam and in other countries in Asia.